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Private Bank Account Opening As a Non Resident

When the discussion about offshore bank accounts comes up, it is not uncommon to hear some people ask the question; why an offshore bank account? Are the services in the offshore bank not the same with those in local banks? Over the last decade, the banking system in the west has become unreliable. That is true.

Your cash in the bank accounts is an easy target by attorneys who will apply for freezing of personal bank accounts if a lawsuit whirls its way to your doorstep. This is not the only reason for private bank account opening non resident. Here are additional benefits of opening an offshore bank account.

The main benefits of opening a private bank account offshore 

  • They have better banking systems and banks

The banking systems in most offshore jurisdictions are very stable. The countries have very strong laws that allow banks to flourish. Opening an offshore bank account helps you move away from political risks at home. Many countries are sinking fast into insolvency. From Spain to Cyprus, you can never be sure that your savings are safe. However, great offshore jurisdictions such as Hong Kong and Mauritius have stable banking systems and banks that you can trust with hard earned savings.

  • A great way diversify your finances and investments

If you want to reach financial freedom, it is very important to diversify personal finances. By having an offshore bank account, you can easily diversify savings in various currencies. It will also be easy to access investment opportunities abroad.

  • Earn higher interest from account deposits

One notable thing with western banks is that the interest paid on deposits is very low. This erodes people’s motivation because the cash they store in banks is lent to others at a higher rate. But most offshore banks are different. They work extra hard to ensure that their clients’ deposits are safeguarded well, offer higher interest rates, and ensure that the funds are always available.

  • Private offshore bank accounts provide some privacy

If you have some cash in a bank at home, you can never relax because a lot of people know about it. Whether through court orders or bank staff, you can easily get the details of the bank account leaking to the public. This could easily attract interests such as unnecessary lawsuits. You can avoid this situation through private bank account opening non resident in jurisdictions such as Belize.

All the transactions in top financial hubs are kept private. In Belize, you are even allowed to bank without using personal names. Even in cases where home laws such as the US require people to reveal the amount they have abroad, you only need to notify the authorities about the account.

To enjoy these benefits, you need to take the first bold step of opening an offshore bank account and click here. Note that this is simple and in many aspects, just like opening a bank account back at home.