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Keep your finances in place and consider DIY projects at Hobby Lobby.

Have fun being creative and get inspired creating  your personalized home decor and clothes.

Showcase the artist in you, consider an art project and opt for Craft with Canvas from Hobby Lobby. There are many ways to have fun with canvas from needlework and paint to paper and cork Hobby Lobby has you covered. This art project is easy to follow from start to finish. Plus, the items you’ll need are priced at an affordable price. Get crafty and personalize your canvas designs with embellishments. Make your canvas fun with a twist: create depth, texture, add elements or accents — the choice is yours.

Make your pots standout and consider an Add a Pop to Your Garden Pots from Hobby Lobby. These pots will add personality and look great  inside or outside your home. This project is great for beginners and only requires a glue gun, clay pots and paint. You’ll love the end result and want to share this project with others.

Keep your decor trendy and go for a floral project and opt for So, So Succulent from Hobby Lobby. Very easy project to create pretty-looking arrangements, wreaths  and  displays in glass that vibe into your decor. Personalize with a monogram, glitter or hanger to add ambiance to your home.

Use knobs for more than tables and get inspired with a home decor project from Hobby Lobby and opt for A Nod to Knobs. Make ordinary paper boxes into great decor pieces with just  adding glass knobs. Add a splash of color to those simple looking bottle corks and replace them with colorful knobs.

Give life to your bedroom and be the envy of everyone and consider home decor project From Bummer to Stunner. In just a steps you’ll go from boring to stunning. Start  with the star of your bedroom —the bed. Then create  a focal point in your wall decor. lastly accent by mix and matching accessories. Prepare to have  Sweet dreams and enjoy your new retreat.

Beautify your walls, go for an upscale gallery style and consider a DIY project on Frames Go For Gallery from Hobby Lobby. Forget about  more rehanging Hobby Lobby will teach you to save time and get creative. Get ready to let your imagination unfold.

Fill your home with great framed art and create the perfect focal point with a DIY Frame of Mind project. Hobby Lobby will teach you the best way to create, arrange and hang frames displays. You’ll also learn to combine displays and furniture to blend with your decor.

Don’t hurt your wallet and go for affordable paper mache decor, consider a DIY Paper Mache Decor project from Hobby Lobby. With just paint, paper and fabric you’re ready to craft. Go for chic designs full of character and accents. Up your decor from simple to standout pieces. Play with pattern and texture by  decoupaging paper and create dreamy pieces.

Save money by making your own poncho and opt for a DIY Yarn & Needle Art Poncho with Panache project from Hobby Lobby. Hobby lobby’s pattern is easy to follow to create The perfect  piece to pair with jeans and shirt.

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